Monday, January 9, 2012


I have always been a sucker for fresh starts. Like how every September I feel like a kid again at the prospect of a new school year. Even though I am long done with my school days, something just compels me to go buy new pens, notebooks, and some new shoes (let's be honest on that last one, it happens all the time!) The same is obviously true with the new year. As I get older, I am more and more thankful for each and every day. But as I look into myself (and now the bright blue eyes of sweet Amelia), I really feel like there things that I want to work on and improve in my life. So as cliche as it may be, I do like to set resolutions for the new year! It is important to strive for something!

BE MORE PATIENT.... I have a problem with rushing. I think it annoys my husband to no end, and I really want to slow down my pace

BLOG ....Welp, I have already started this one off! I love to write and share information...kind of self explanatory!!

PLAY MORE ... This little girl is just so darn fun. But sometimes everyday life is not, but I want to change that! I really just want to have more fun times, and that doesn't mean partying these days!!! Just happy times with family, friends, and puppies! 

BE ORGANIZED ....New house, new chance to organize! This is so exciting to me. I truly have a fresh start with the new house. Now to keep it that way!!

BE SUPER SKINNY PANTS.... Haha. Well seriously, everyone wants this one! So I will eat healthier and try to get some exercise too!! 

I already feel better!! What are your goals for this year??

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