Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mama life...First Month

So I feel like a bit of a blog failure since my last update was well over two months ago. But let's be honest...I've been pretty busy. My last month of pregnancy was pretty insane...when they say the last month is the worst they are not joking around. Since I worked til the day I delivered, I developed some pretty interesting health conditions. My feet literally looked like footballs with little swollen toes, I gained at least 5 lbs a week, and my hands were asleep all.day.long!
 So when Miss Amelia made her appearance at 11:42 am on April 6, Mama Randi was more than thrilled. No doubt about it, when my water broke I was filled with pure excitement (and a lot of nerves!) But there is absolutely nothing more amazing then giving birth. It was the most intense day of my life...I have never felt more alive, more in love, and more in awe of both my body and the life it created. As I'm typing this, sweet thang is lying beside me sleeping peacefully. I cannot get over the fact that I made this perfect human and I get to keep her!!! She is amazing...maybe not an amazing sleeper, but we are working on it ;)
Not the most flattering picture, but to me it just says love.

Moments of month one:
  • Alone in the hospital (daddy went home to sleep and prep the puppies), scared out of my mind because she wouldn't stop crying...and then, god bless her, BRITNEY SPEARS. Amelia suddenly stopped crying when Ms. Spears came on so we had a little dance party until she calmed down!
  • Puppy love...I was so scared about the dogs being crazy with her. They have actually been really sweet with her. Although, I hate to admit it, but I have had a hard time giving them attention. Poor things...
  • Sweet milk smiles. Nothing more precious than a baby with milk dripping down her chin and giving me an eyes closed, satisfied milk grin! Hey it might be gas but I will take it!
  • Magical belly bandit...Ok, Ladies, if you are preggo...you must spend the $55 and invest in a belly bandit. Real talk: it's like a super girdle you have to wear all the time. Real talk: My stomach looks almost normal now and I'm down 36 lbs! Nursing helps bigtime too.
  • On nursing...nothing could prepare me for how hard and rewarding this is all at the same time. It has gone well, but at four weeks I'm starting to bottle feed. It is just working best for me.
  • So much more...but little bunny is waking up!


  1. ahhhh you make me smile!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that Amelia knows a a queen when she hears one....and Ms. Britney is a queen!!! So happy for you!!!

  2. Randi-
    She is amazing. I love seeing pictures of her. You and Ian did a great job with this little Bun, and for Britney did you have any doubt. I mean come on its Britney Spears. Anywhoo have a great day!!!