Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tips for Oscar-worthy hair

I love, love, love awards season. It is no big secret that I love all things celebrity...but mainly just so I can scope out their hair, makeup and clothes! So tonight as I watch the Academy Awards, the most glamorous of them all, I feel compelled to give a hairstylist's tips for pretty red carpet hair that you can definitely do at home! (Or...come to the salon and let me glam you up! Date night :))
It is simple to get gorgeous hair at home, you just have to have a few key items and a little patience!

1. Slightly dirty hair works best for updo's and also just curly waves! Hair that has a little bit of wear to it holds a curl better and stays in place without to much work.

2. A curling iron! If you don't have one...scoop one up, preferably 1 inch to 1.5 inches works best. I seriously am in love with my Paul Mitchell Iron because it never, ever leaves lines or weird marks in your hair!
3. Bobby pins.

4. Tresseme heat protect spray. This adds a little hold and a lot of protection for the hot tools you will use on your hair!

5. Medium hold hairspray

If you love your hair down, there is nothing more Old-Hollywood than Veronica Lake-esque curls. And they are surpisingly easy to acheive. First, start by prepping your dry hair with heat protect spray. Then, take two inch sections of your hair and hold your curling iron horinzontally. Curl your hair under until is around ear level. Continue around your head, but be sure to not mess with curls until they have cooled. The last step is to slightly brush hair out. I like to brush the curls against the palm of my hand to smooth and shape them like the picture above. Then set with hairspray.

This is my perfect updo for any occasion. It is so romantic and pretty...but not fussy! It looks young and fresh. Click here to get a step-by-step  on how to achieve this look! Really easy!

Hope you are all having a glamorous Sunday.

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