Thursday, February 3, 2011

thinking spring

I really, really hate to wish time away...but at 30 weeks pregnant and sick at home for the last two days with the flu, I cannot wait for spring! I feel so cooped up and although I am obviously not the super fit type I miss exercising and taking walks and even just walking up stairs with getting winded! But, it's all worth it...I just have to keep holding my little onesies and planning this little girl's nursery! Which is in fact, very springish! Here are some of the goods I got for her from etsy. Whoo mama, that website is dangerous!

and this cute rabbit, as well as a matching little deer :)

But did you think I was done dreaming of spring? Oh no...I just keep thinking about the day I could frolic in these bad boys from modcloth! Donations accepted ;)

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