Monday, February 7, 2011

where the magic happens

Let's be honest, this post is going to be pretty boring if you have not spent the last three months listening to me whine and complain about the status of my bathroom. If you have had that immense pleasure, you will be stoked to know that as of about three weeks ago my bathroom is finally complete! I have to say this remodeling experience was really stressful, mainly because of my pregnancy and also because of the time of year...the holidays are just not a good time to be without a bathroom. Buuuuuut, i can almost laugh at it now because I really do love my bathroom now. I spend a creepy amount of time in there, but I think Ian is secretely stoked about my bathtub obsession. Speaking of hubby, he did a really fabulous job! He took it down to studs and did almost all of it by himself. I am really impressed and I don't like to admit it often...but he is very handy and also very studly while using power tools. So feast your eyes on the before and afters...
Please note the lack of window and also the disgusting, rotting surround. Good job previous owners!

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