Monday, January 9, 2012


I have always been a sucker for fresh starts. Like how every September I feel like a kid again at the prospect of a new school year. Even though I am long done with my school days, something just compels me to go buy new pens, notebooks, and some new shoes (let's be honest on that last one, it happens all the time!) The same is obviously true with the new year. As I get older, I am more and more thankful for each and every day. But as I look into myself (and now the bright blue eyes of sweet Amelia), I really feel like there things that I want to work on and improve in my life. So as cliche as it may be, I do like to set resolutions for the new year! It is important to strive for something!

BE MORE PATIENT.... I have a problem with rushing. I think it annoys my husband to no end, and I really want to slow down my pace

BLOG ....Welp, I have already started this one off! I love to write and share information...kind of self explanatory!!

PLAY MORE ... This little girl is just so darn fun. But sometimes everyday life is not, but I want to change that! I really just want to have more fun times, and that doesn't mean partying these days!!! Just happy times with family, friends, and puppies! 

BE ORGANIZED ....New house, new chance to organize! This is so exciting to me. I truly have a fresh start with the new house. Now to keep it that way!!

BE SUPER SKINNY PANTS.... Haha. Well seriously, everyone wants this one! So I will eat healthier and try to get some exercise too!! 

I already feel better!! What are your goals for this year??

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mama life...First Month

So I feel like a bit of a blog failure since my last update was well over two months ago. But let's be honest...I've been pretty busy. My last month of pregnancy was pretty insane...when they say the last month is the worst they are not joking around. Since I worked til the day I delivered, I developed some pretty interesting health conditions. My feet literally looked like footballs with little swollen toes, I gained at least 5 lbs a week, and my hands were asleep!
 So when Miss Amelia made her appearance at 11:42 am on April 6, Mama Randi was more than thrilled. No doubt about it, when my water broke I was filled with pure excitement (and a lot of nerves!) But there is absolutely nothing more amazing then giving birth. It was the most intense day of my life...I have never felt more alive, more in love, and more in awe of both my body and the life it created. As I'm typing this, sweet thang is lying beside me sleeping peacefully. I cannot get over the fact that I made this perfect human and I get to keep her!!! She is amazing...maybe not an amazing sleeper, but we are working on it ;)
Not the most flattering picture, but to me it just says love.

Moments of month one:
  • Alone in the hospital (daddy went home to sleep and prep the puppies), scared out of my mind because she wouldn't stop crying...and then, god bless her, BRITNEY SPEARS. Amelia suddenly stopped crying when Ms. Spears came on so we had a little dance party until she calmed down!
  • Puppy love...I was so scared about the dogs being crazy with her. They have actually been really sweet with her. Although, I hate to admit it, but I have had a hard time giving them attention. Poor things...
  • Sweet milk smiles. Nothing more precious than a baby with milk dripping down her chin and giving me an eyes closed, satisfied milk grin! Hey it might be gas but I will take it!
  • Magical belly bandit...Ok, Ladies, if you are must spend the $55 and invest in a belly bandit. Real talk: it's like a super girdle you have to wear all the time. Real talk: My stomach looks almost normal now and I'm down 36 lbs! Nursing helps bigtime too.
  • On nursing...nothing could prepare me for how hard and rewarding this is all at the same time. It has gone well, but at four weeks I'm starting to bottle feed. It is just working best for me.
  • So much more...but little bunny is waking up!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tips for Oscar-worthy hair

I love, love, love awards season. It is no big secret that I love all things celebrity...but mainly just so I can scope out their hair, makeup and clothes! So tonight as I watch the Academy Awards, the most glamorous of them all, I feel compelled to give a hairstylist's tips for pretty red carpet hair that you can definitely do at home! (Or...come to the salon and let me glam you up! Date night :))
It is simple to get gorgeous hair at home, you just have to have a few key items and a little patience!

1. Slightly dirty hair works best for updo's and also just curly waves! Hair that has a little bit of wear to it holds a curl better and stays in place without to much work.

2. A curling iron! If you don't have one...scoop one up, preferably 1 inch to 1.5 inches works best. I seriously am in love with my Paul Mitchell Iron because it never, ever leaves lines or weird marks in your hair!
3. Bobby pins.

4. Tresseme heat protect spray. This adds a little hold and a lot of protection for the hot tools you will use on your hair!

5. Medium hold hairspray

If you love your hair down, there is nothing more Old-Hollywood than Veronica Lake-esque curls. And they are surpisingly easy to acheive. First, start by prepping your dry hair with heat protect spray. Then, take two inch sections of your hair and hold your curling iron horinzontally. Curl your hair under until is around ear level. Continue around your head, but be sure to not mess with curls until they have cooled. The last step is to slightly brush hair out. I like to brush the curls against the palm of my hand to smooth and shape them like the picture above. Then set with hairspray.

This is my perfect updo for any occasion. It is so romantic and pretty...but not fussy! It looks young and fresh. Click here to get a step-by-step  on how to achieve this look! Really easy!

Hope you are all having a glamorous Sunday.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

lazy sunday

Oh, lazy I love you. To me there is not a whole lot better than lounging around in my pajamas (these days Ian's softest and biggest XL tshirts to be precise) and rocking my crazy messy bun with no makeup. And, who do I have to impress? Two snoring bulldogs who are making some serious sweet grunting sounds that just make everything feel sleepy....So while Ian is down the street making deep fried bacon (I know, this goes against everything I have ever known about health) I thought it would be a perfect time for a serious list of random-ness..........

  • If you haven't experienced the Magic Kitchen in Springfield, you need too ASAP. It's thai food at it's yummiest and dive-iest...mmm pad thai (mild plus please!)
  • Can't stop dreaming about making red velvet cupcakes. I'm going to trick Ian and make them low fat so I can eat tons and not feel tooooooo guilty.
  • Cupcakes are necessary for Valentines day, dontcha think?
  • Speaking of Vday, we aren't doing anything glamorous but I think I might make something special for dinner.....thinking homemade crab ravioli
  • Have you heard of the Tracy Anderson Method? I am all about it. Just read the book and I'm thinking she is genius...
  • Can you tell I'm excited to get back in shape? I bought here post baby workout, so here's hoping...
  • Had a great coffee date with and old friend who is also due one day before me! So excited to share stories about our almost identical pregnancy. Weird things like that make me feel like my life is on the right path....
  • I would absolutely have a heart attack if someone bought me these for my birthday!
  • God I love Jay-Z. Y'all should read his decoded book........he is a genius! And believe me, I'm not obsessed with rap or anything, but this book is amazing
Hope everyone is full of love this weekend. <3

Monday, February 7, 2011

where the magic happens

Let's be honest, this post is going to be pretty boring if you have not spent the last three months listening to me whine and complain about the status of my bathroom. If you have had that immense pleasure, you will be stoked to know that as of about three weeks ago my bathroom is finally complete! I have to say this remodeling experience was really stressful, mainly because of my pregnancy and also because of the time of year...the holidays are just not a good time to be without a bathroom. Buuuuuut, i can almost laugh at it now because I really do love my bathroom now. I spend a creepy amount of time in there, but I think Ian is secretely stoked about my bathtub obsession. Speaking of hubby, he did a really fabulous job! He took it down to studs and did almost all of it by himself. I am really impressed and I don't like to admit it often...but he is very handy and also very studly while using power tools. So feast your eyes on the before and afters...
Please note the lack of window and also the disgusting, rotting surround. Good job previous owners!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

thinking spring

I really, really hate to wish time away...but at 30 weeks pregnant and sick at home for the last two days with the flu, I cannot wait for spring! I feel so cooped up and although I am obviously not the super fit type I miss exercising and taking walks and even just walking up stairs with getting winded! But, it's all worth it...I just have to keep holding my little onesies and planning this little girl's nursery! Which is in fact, very springish! Here are some of the goods I got for her from etsy. Whoo mama, that website is dangerous!

and this cute rabbit, as well as a matching little deer :)

But did you think I was done dreaming of spring? Oh no...I just keep thinking about the day I could frolic in these bad boys from modcloth! Donations accepted ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random things on my mind...

  • The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia....pure perfection, check this film out!
  • mmm, Hank Williams III
  • The only blizzard that needs to be in this girls life is a M&M one
  • Katy Perry nail polish, so super cute..especially with a light polish underneath
  • 10 more weeks until i can wear high heels again...
  • Not to mention 10 more weeks til I can breathe in the most beautiful Rose, Amelia..
  • So glad that I am safe at home watching movies and the power is still on
  • The most perfect springish shade of orange lipstick 
  • Yummy and easy banana bread