Sunday, February 13, 2011

lazy sunday

Oh, lazy I love you. To me there is not a whole lot better than lounging around in my pajamas (these days Ian's softest and biggest XL tshirts to be precise) and rocking my crazy messy bun with no makeup. And, who do I have to impress? Two snoring bulldogs who are making some serious sweet grunting sounds that just make everything feel sleepy....So while Ian is down the street making deep fried bacon (I know, this goes against everything I have ever known about health) I thought it would be a perfect time for a serious list of random-ness..........

  • If you haven't experienced the Magic Kitchen in Springfield, you need too ASAP. It's thai food at it's yummiest and dive-iest...mmm pad thai (mild plus please!)
  • Can't stop dreaming about making red velvet cupcakes. I'm going to trick Ian and make them low fat so I can eat tons and not feel tooooooo guilty.
  • Cupcakes are necessary for Valentines day, dontcha think?
  • Speaking of Vday, we aren't doing anything glamorous but I think I might make something special for dinner.....thinking homemade crab ravioli
  • Have you heard of the Tracy Anderson Method? I am all about it. Just read the book and I'm thinking she is genius...
  • Can you tell I'm excited to get back in shape? I bought here post baby workout, so here's hoping...
  • Had a great coffee date with and old friend who is also due one day before me! So excited to share stories about our almost identical pregnancy. Weird things like that make me feel like my life is on the right path....
  • I would absolutely have a heart attack if someone bought me these for my birthday!
  • God I love Jay-Z. Y'all should read his decoded book........he is a genius! And believe me, I'm not obsessed with rap or anything, but this book is amazing
Hope everyone is full of love this weekend. <3

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